Toyota City

South Derbyshire, together with Derby City and the County of Derbyshire, enjoy an international relationship with Toyota City in Japan, which was established following the development of the car plant at Burnaston.

Toyota City is home to the headquarters of the Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, and several of its production plants. The City has a population of some 420,000 and is located approximately 250 km to the west of the capital Tokyo, in central Aichi Prefecture. Aichi is part of Honshu – the largest of Japan’s four main islands.

Toyota City is famed as ‘automobile city’ but is also known for its abundance of nature, history and culture. Toyota City was a host city for the Rugby World Cup 2019, is one of the homes of the football team Nagoya Grampus, and currently hosts the Japan round of the World Rally Championship.

A number of local organisations have formed links with organisations in Toyota City, including the National Forest Company and Repton School. Several local schools participate in pupil exchanges, together with Burton and South Derbyshire College, which also offers introductory courses in Japanese for adults.

The Derbyshire Japanese School is based at Etwall on the campus of the John Port Spencer Academy. This supplementary school was established in 1991 teaching in Japanese based on Japanese teaching guidelines. The School offers elementary school preparation, elementary school and high school classes.

Further information about the business, cultural, educational, community and environmental links between Derbyshire and Toyota City.

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